Sunday around the Parque

Sunday around teh Parque

Like every first Sunday of the month the market extended from its normal home and flows out to the Central Park. Along with that their was a concert given by Grupo Juvenil Misionero “Genesis” Music and some street theater to help raise money to help get kids toys for Christmas.

Sunday around teh Parque

text and photos by Josh Bachman

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One thought on “Sunday around the Parque

  1. @Josh, I really like the main photo in this entry. I wish you would give more background information regarding the performers. Also, please, try to give the official long name of the places you photograph or mention. Remember many of us do no know or are unfamiliar with Xelajú. Many squares and plazas will have a sign with the official name of the square or park. In Guatemala, the main square of towns and city is informally call parque central regardless of the official name. For instance, in La Antigua Guatemala the main square name is Plaza Mayor and in Guatemala City is called Plaza de la Constitución (I think).

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