Watching the Game

Sitting at the office yesterday afternoon waiting for my Photo students to arrive, I kept hearing shouting coming from the streets outside. Since I had a few minutes I wander out and realized the shouting was coming from two small bars across the street from my office. Turns out Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing each other, so Fútbol fans in Xela are watching the game, much of the city is quiet I presume for this reason. The fan in the photo was reacting to a call against Real Madrid. I would have loved to hang out and watch who won, but I had to get back to the office and finish preparing for class.

text and photo by Josh Bachman

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3 thoughts on “Watching the Game

  1. Actually I didn’t get to watch the game, and well, I’m not that a fan of fútbol, but I know the score… Barcelona won 5-0… The streets of Antigua were quite, though places with TV were loud :)… Great shot!!!

  2. You must´ve caught the ONLY Real Madrid fan in ALL of Xela! I bet this guy not only lost money, but will be bugged by his friends for the rest of the week!

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