Xelajú fans

Xelajú fans

Fans of Xelajú Mario Camposeco leave the soul and love every time it play at home. Spectators cheer for the players from the staircase of the stadium to encourage them.

text and photos by Enrique Hernandez Avila

About Guest Contributor:Enrique Hernandez Avila, with his seven years of experience in photojournalism, has collaborated with some wire services, such as EFE, AP and BIG in addition to the newspapers el Periodico and Reforma Mexico. Currently he is working for Nuestro Diario and Getty Images. He got his degree in photojournalism from the Institute of Jose Marti at National University of Cuba.

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4 thoughts on “Xelajú fans

  1. Xelajú fans are the wildest crowd in Guatemalan football. Different cheering groups have special sections at the Mario Camposeco stadium. There´s even a “Barra Internacional”, made up of foreigners who come to Xela to study Spanish. No Spanish total immersion program in Xela is complete if you haven´t attended a Xelajú game.

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