El Baúl

El Baúl

So I couldn’t decide which one is better. What do you think?

And I have been investigating the story of el Baúl or at least if there is one. For now, I have two.

One of them says that there is supposed to be some Mayan treasure there and on the other side of el Baúl there are Mayan ceremonies done. Haven’t seen any yet.

And the second story sounds more realistic to me. So there used to be a discotheque in the hut, which is right behind the big cross. Because it is quite far from everything, there was a lot of drug sale. And at the end when a woman was raped on the way to the discotheque, they decided to shut down the place and have el Baúl, as it is now.

Do you know anything about this place? If so, please share with us. I would love to know more about it.

Well, if there is no story behind it and if what i heard is not quite right, it is simply a beautiful place to visit. Besides getting an amazing vista of Xela, you can picnic there, enjoy the slides and nature, still being so close to the city. It is literally in walking distance from the central park. But for safety purposes, it is a good idea to visit there in groups of several people.

El Baúl

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