Santa and The Others

Santa and The Others

Before I move onto other topics, I wanted to share a few interesting shots from this past Saturday.

Central park was like a fair ground again or maybe a circus. And there was this extremely happy Santa, saluting people on a truck along with two polar bears.

Santa and The OthersSanta and The Others

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10 thoughts on “Santa and The Others

  1. I love the contrast between your photography style and Rudy’s style. You are very comfortable taking pictures of people, which is unusual, I think. You must be a very outgoing person!

    I wish I felt that comfortable behind a camera but I always feel like I am imposing on people’s time or personal space. 🙂 I think I must be more like Rudy, who in his photography is attracted to patterns and designs.

    1. Your observation is quite interesting, Begonia. You are actually right, Rudy and I are representing two different styles.

      I love photos of people. I guess I am an outgoing and “talkative” person. Of course, I have to admit the fact that there were times that I was turned down, too. (not in a nice way) But it is still worth to try for me to go after photos of people.

    2. @Begonia, I actually photograph people the most. If you browse the People category in AntiguaDailyPhoto you will see that is the category with the most entries. However, I will not deny I am attracted to the basic principles of graphic design, me being a professional graphic designer: CRAP, Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. 😉

      On other hand, Pinar also has a good handle and sensitivity for the graphic design inspired imagery. Just look at her Cristo Viene, Pasaje Enríquez, Catedral Espíritu Santo, Elektra building, just to mention a few of her recent photos.

      1. Rudy, I know you post a lot of pictures of people, but most of the time they are not portraits or composed with the sense that they “looking” right at the camera in a way that feels that they are interacting or aware of you, the photographer. I certainly can think of plenty of photos in which you do that with people you know (Nelo comes to mind). However, I’m guessing, from your photos, that you (like me) would feel uncomfortable stopping strangers in the street and asking people to pose for you for a couple of shots.

        Anyway, it was definitely not meant to be a critique of anyone. I just had kind of a sudden realization that I could guess what type of person Pinar was from her photographs, and by contrasting with your photos, I could guess what type of person you are. I could probably try doing the same thing for Arturo Godoy, too!

  2. @Begonia, wow!!! I have hard times describing what I do with my photography :/ I’d love that you do an analysis of my work 🙂 But, do keep in mind that Rudy does edit my texts 🙂

    Pinar is just an awesome and great photojournalist, I love her work!!!!!

    1. But I think what you do with your photography is one thing. And what your photos tell about you another thing.

      Thanks for your comment about my photography by the way (I wanna put a smiley here at the end but the smily here is just way too cheerful)

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