This weekend was hectic in Xela. Half-marathon on Saturday, full-marathon on Sunday… So I pretty much spent the whole Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with walking around the city and photographing.

On Saturday, while my friend, Brendan and I were chilling at the central park, we decided to enter the city hall, where they were registering the runners and distributing material to them. We came across these mascots, dressing up. I think it was hilarious how serious they looked in those costumes.


Inside the city hall, there were these screens where you could actually follow the full marathon route. Pretty cool!

And Paula was one of the dancers in La Patria Band. I find those high school bands fascinating. Some of them are really good. I have been obsessively photographing them since this past summer.

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  • Nuria Akinzena

    The photos and the captions are great! Nice work Pinar.

  • Cristina

    Pinar, you find your way into the wierdest places! I wonder what you did to have them let you in to see these guys dressing up…
    Let´s see some pictures of these bands. La Patria takes great pride in their marching band. Actually, there´s fierce competition between the local marching bands. There´s one from Coatepeque that´s going to be in the Macy´s Thanksgiving Parade in New York this year.

    • I just enter anywhere I can, Cristina. If they kick me out, I will leave if not I will just take advantage of the opportunity 🙂

      What is the name of the band form Coatepeque?

      • Cristina

        The name of the band is Pedro Molina. There are some videos of them on YouTube.

        • OK! I will check it out. Thanks, Cristina.

  • @Pinar, I am getting envious of all the good photos you’re sharing with us. That’s not fair, XelaDP is putting out better work than AntiguaDP. 🙁

    • It’s the gorgeous city I live in, Rudy 🙂