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Friday, November 12th, 2010


My lovely country, Turkey, is famous for its food, Kebab. It’s a dish, of which main ingredient is beef or lamp. And there are many different types of Kebab. But in the simplest form, it is known as Shish Kebab. In Turkey, pretty much wherever you go, you will find kebab restaurants. Some of them can have this kitsch/cheesy design art on their windows or walls.

The store you see in this picture is right in front of my place. And it is a jewellery store. But lately i have been having these hallucinations, that make me think that this word “KEDAR” is actually “KEBAB”. And every time this happens, I get excited with the idea of eating kebab for a few seconds and then I face with the green reality of the building, where I live. So I feel like I am missing Turkey a little bit (!)