“Cristo Viene”

"Cristo Viene"

From my room, I can see this enourmous church sign. The location of the church has always seemed to me incredible. Because you can see pretty much whole Xela from that hill. This time, I had a great chance to see the city behind this sign. While for me it”s breath-taking to watch Xela, it was also enjoyable to see this composition with the sky and the “Cristo Viene” sign.

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5 thoughts on ““Cristo Viene”

  1. Since you´re following a bit of a spiritual theme, may I suggest a few photos?
    – Inside Catedral, Capilla de la Virgen del Rosario
    – the Mormon Temple that´s being built in Los Cerezos (behind Cemaco)
    – Iglesia de San Nicolás, in front of Parque Benito Juarez
    – Ermita La Conquistadora, built in 1524, where the first mass was held on Guatemalan soil. It had an image of the Virgen de Concepción brought from Spain by Pedro de Alvarado.

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