Spiritual center in La Pedrera

Spiritual center in La Pedrera

When my friend, Giovanni and I climbed to La Pedrera, we came across Diego, practicing some kind of Mayan spiritual ceremony by himself. Diego, 23, has been practicing this for almost three years now. He said he used to have a hard time sleeping and have nightmares. One day, when was hiking in the mountains, he got lost and ended up in La Pedrera. He saw an “altar” where some people were also practicing a spiritual ceremony. he got close to them and started to talk about what they were doing. Eventually this conversation lead him to a peaceful night sleep. Since then he learned more about the practice itself and has kept doing it.

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4 thoughts on “Spiritual center in La Pedrera

  1. You know, I grew up with the idea (given by my family) that what is called now “Mayan spirituality” was some sort of subversive “witchcraft”. Whenever I asked why there were used candles somewhere on a trail adults used to tell me, they were left by “brujos”. Things change, but only in name… is the attitude of the majority of “ladinos” the same?

    1. As an outsider, to me it is fascinating. Well also given the fact that even though i am not religious, I am into spiritual/religious stuff. And it’s hard for me to call them witchcraft.

  2. Manolo, I think that people are less racist outside of Guatemala City. A very well educated indigenous woman was kicked out of a restaurant in Guatemala City a bunch of years back, basically because she was wearing her traje. Here in Xela, it´s usual to see indigenous, ladino and foreign families interacting everywhere. With all the Spanish schools, it´s also not unusual to see many “mixed” race couples.
    Mayan spirituality is actually frowned upon by the Catholic Church, but their ceremonies are respected, whether they happen at La Pedrera or in downtown Xela.

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