Vista of Xela from La Muela

Vista of Xela from La Muela

A few weeks ago, my Spanish teacher, Martin Díaz, who is also a tour guide, and I decided to do our class in a different environment. So we met at 6 a.m. and hiked at La Muela. It is relatively an easy one. The hardest part is at the end, where you need to climb on the rocks to reach the highest point of La Muela. But this part is quite short. It took us three hours to climb up and come back with extensive breaks to enjoy the views from different spots. It is definitely worth to take some time and visit. In addition to the beautiful views that you will encounter every once in a while, there are some surprises, waiting for you, on the way to the top, too.

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  • Cristina

    Martin is a great teacher and very much into trekking and biking.
    Love this picture! I can almost smell the pine needles!

    • You know Martin? Thanks for the comment about the photo

  • Cristina

    Yes I do! We taught at the same Spanish School.

  • @Cristina, I didn’t know you live in Xela. I always thought you were from Xela, but I didn’t know you actually live there. I am glad you’re enjoying the work of Pinar through XelaDP.

    • Cristina

      La tierra llama, Rudy! Ask any Superchivo!

  • What a nice place… Definitivo Rudy, debes ir mas seguido, en una de esas te acompaño..

  • Anonymous

    And why is called “La Muela”? Guess ->