Ceviche Mixto from La Famosa 23

Ceviche Mixto from La Famosa 23

La Famosa 23 is a ceviche restaurant in Xela (Quetzaltenango), located very close to the cemetery. It is probably the best one in Xela. This afternoon, my coworker, Shayla, and I went there to have lunch and we had the ceviche mixto (seafood mixture). I definitely recommend it!

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6 thoughts on “Ceviche Mixto from La Famosa 23

    1. Ah! Don’t tell me that! i have been intending to go there again. But couldn’t find time and a company at the same time.

      Such a delicious food…And guess what! We don’t know have this in Turkey. Lots of things especially food to miss when I go back to Turkey someday.

  1. Nice post, I haven`t considering taking a ceviche in Xela, but seems you found a nice place. Still think the best ceviche you can get in the area should be in Champerico 🙂 but that is another story..

    Great posts so far :-))

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