La Democracia Market

La Democracia Market

There are several mercados, street markets, in Xela, short nickname for Quetzaltenango. One of them is in La Democracia in zone 3. I like this one best. Because it is relatively cheaper than central market. There are more options. They are fresher. And apart from the vegetable market, there is also a bazaar where I can find other things, including clothing. It is one of my favorite places to visit when I have some extra time to kill or need to buy something. I like its liveliness.

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6 thoughts on “La Democracia Market

  1. they are actually very similar. Only in fancy neighborhoods, they are more organized. They have a separate space for the street market, but other than that it is pretty much the same. Probably thats why “mercados” make me feel like I am home in Xela.

  2. Looks like a slow day at La Demo. Saturdays and Sundays it’s hard to walk amongst the baskets, vendors and buyers. My least favorite part is trying to dodge the papaya, pina and melon vendors that offer you a piece on the tip of very sharp looking knife!

  3. Haven`t had the knife / fruit vendor experience in Xela, will go next time.. when I was a kid I loved to take green mango with lemon, or other like cucumber, radish or other of those.. I don`t have the same guts right know.

    I am sure you already have some pics of those.. ?? Small plastic bags with green mango hangin’ ?

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