Catedral de Espiritú Santo

Catedral de Espiritú Santo

After the arrival of the Spaniards in 1524, Quetzaltenango was put under the command of Espiritú Santo, who was named by the Bishop Francisco Marroquín in 1535. This church is one of the first ones in the valley. After its front facade was destroyed by human action in November 3, 1898, the next step was to build a new one with a baroque style. Architect, Alberto Porta constructed the new church in 1899. Today, Catedral Espiritú still offers its beauty to the visitors and residents of Quetzaltenango. It is one of my favorite places to visit in this town. And at night, its beauty reaches to a different level with its gorgeous lighting against the darkness of the sky.

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7 thoughts on “Catedral de Espiritú Santo

  1. Francisco Marroquin is an interesting historical figure.
    Gorgeous photo Pinar. I always admire night photos because they are not easy to take.

  2. The buildings around central park were illuminated with special lighting about 4 years ago. It gives them a completely different look! I hope to see more pictures of Xela at night!

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