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A tomb that distributes hope to people

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Vanushca Cardenas Barajas Tomb

A legend from Xela… Vanuscha Cardenas was the daughter of a gypsy family from Spain. When she and her family migrated to Xela, Guatemala, Vanuscha fell in love with a boy whose family was very rich. So the guy’s family didn’t want them to get together and sent him to the city for school. Meantime, Vanuscha died from her love for this guy at the age of 17. And her lover never knew what happened to her until he actually came back to Xela. So today, lovers of Xela visit her, bring her flowers, write on her tomb what they want from her, which is usually to reach their love. After a while, the entire tomb gets covered with wishes. Because of this reason, the cemetery paints her tomb every once in a while. When I came to Xela for the first time, it was green. Today when I went there it was pink and cleaner. If you ever wanna visit her, her tomb is on the second left turn from the entrance. It is very interesting to read the notes on her tomb. And apart from Vanuscha, the central cemetery is a must-see place in Xela. It is definitely gorgeous.