Re-discovering sights

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 | by
Re-discovering sights -Photo by José Moreno-

Re-discovering sights -Photo by José Moreno-

Colorful Nachos

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | by
Colorful Nachos -Photo by José Moreno-

Colorful Nachos -Photo by José Moreno-

Sincerely, these are the most colorful nachos that I have ever taken a photo of!!! We hope that you can find the right place to enjoy them!!!

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Organic Products

Monday, September 29, 2014 | by
Organic Products - Photo by José Moreno-

Organic Products – Photo by José Moreno-

Not so long ago a series of restaurants and shops organic products have given local producers the opportunity to share with us a great variety of high quality mermelades, jams, jellies, , dried goods, nuts, soaps, etc. Of course the cost is a little higher than standar super market products but you’ll enjoy a delicious , chemical free product. Most of these shops are near Central Park in Xela. We encourage you to keep an eye open and try these new flavors!!

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Mate & Books

Sunday, September 28, 2014 | by
Mate & Books by Nadia Peláez

Mate & Books by Nadia Peláez

We enjoy the treasures of the south here in the center too! Excelent for a cold morning in Xela!

Photo and Text: Nadia Peláez


Saturday, September 27, 2014 | by
Cilindrical -José Moreno Photography-

Cilindrical -José Moreno Photography-

This photo has a different style, it’s cylindrical to give us a better look inside! It was taken in a very visited restaurant near Central Park in Xela. Can you guess which one it is? If you can, tell us what you like about this place!

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Believers Attend Transfer of Quetzaltenango’s Chief Patron

Friday, September 26, 2014 | by
Believers Attend Transfer of Quetzaltenango's Chief Patron -Photo by Jaquelin Mejía-

Believers Attend Transfer of Quetzaltenango’s Chief Patron -Photo by Jaquelin Mejía-

Thousands of local believers gathered yesterday to accompany their patron “Virgen del Rosario” (Virgen of Rosary) to the main altar in the local Cathedral. She made her way through applauses, flowers and fireworks that believers bring for her. This activity takes place on the last thursday of September and it’s the first one that leads a week of activities in honor of “Virgen del Rosario”

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Bagels the new fashion food

Thursday, September 25, 2014 | by
Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Since we’re on the food subject, take a look at this delicious choice. We’re going to have to go to every restaurant in town with my friend Nadia just for you! Today we had this exquisite bagel with cheese cream , tomatoe and an egg, with some nachos on the side. You can find this selection in 3 or 4 restaurants located across town and choose the one closest to you!

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Food and more food

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | by
Food and more food -José Moreno Photography-

Food and more food -José Moreno Photography-

Speaking of food and more food this could be an option for lunch if you’re craving something with an Italian touch. Garlic bread covered with Italian tomatoe sauce, chicken, mozarella cheese and species. What do you think? Are you craving this for today’s lunch?

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Healthy Breakfast

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 | by
Healthy Breakfast -José Moreno Photography-

Healthy Breakfast -José Moreno Photography-

Why not enjoy the natural wonders of Guatemala’s countryside with this breakfast? The perfectn breakfast for many of us, with fresh picked bananas, strawberries and apples topped with granola and 100% pure honey. Sometimes I prefer a little more meat to start the day. How do you like your breakfast?

Welcome Again to XelaDailyPhoto!

Monday, September 22, 2014 | by
Pasaje Enriquez - José Moreno Photography

Pasaje Enriquez – José Moreno Photography

Greetings to all of XelaDailyPhoto followers! We are back and ready to publish new photos for all of you!

So let’s start off with this photo of the well known ” Pasaje Enriquez” in the heart of Quetzaltenango. Where you can enjoy a cup of warm coffee or a cold beer with a wonderful view of Cental Park.

We would also like to welcome our translator Nadia Peláez who will now join us in our adventure!

Don’t forget to.visit our blog for updates on events, news and stories and of course our occasional weird tale! Feel free to comment on likes and dislikes. Thank you for your visit! -Jose Moreno

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A normal day at the theater

Sunday, October 6, 2013 | by

A normal day at the theater by José Moreno

A normal day outside the municipal theater xela, near many educational establishments then most young people gather here after or before school, living many years in xela neck I had not realized this.

Un día normal fuera del teatro municipal de xela, cerca de este hay muchos establecimientos educativos entonces la mayoria de jóvenes se reunen aqui despues o antes de las clases, viviendo muchos años en xela nuca me habia dado cuenta de esto.


Saturday, October 5, 2013 | by

Macaws by José Moreno

These guacamayas look good on this photo goes? but these days will show the terrible condition in which are all the animals in the zoo minerva of Quetzaltenango, I think it convenient to remodel or just removed it.

Estas guacamayas se ven bien en esta foto va? pero en estos días les mostraré la pésima condición en las que estan todos los anímales en el zoologico minerva de Quetzaltenango, creo que sería conveniente que lo remodelaran o simplemente que lo quitaran.

Buying Flowers

Friday, October 4, 2013 | by

Buying Flowers by José Moreno

Every Sunday, people visit their relatives, friends, etc.. in cemeteries and people always sell very cheap flowers outside the cemetery.

Todos los domingos, personas visitan a sus familiares, amigos, etc. en los cementerios y personas siempre venden flores muy baratas afuera del cementerio.

Bookstore and Bagels

Thursday, October 3, 2013 | by

Bookstore and Bagels by José Moreno

Quiet and great! North and South that now sell bagels :)

Un lugar tranquilo y genial! North and South que ahora venden bagels :)

Morning in the Central Park

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 | by


One morning in Central Park, exact time 4:00 a.m.